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"The Power of Charisma is an excellent and inspiring book. It is well written by two experts in the world of self help books and inspirational writing and is an easily followed guide to help you achieve your goals. The first part of the book describes what charisma is, the theories behind it and the type of person that possesses it. The second part goes into the different methods and applications that you can learn, use and benefit from the C-Factor in your everyday and business life. The book helps you achieve the social skills, from the volume of your voice, listening to what others have to say, your own self confidence, good deeds, passion, body language and so much more. This book is beneficial to everyone in everything they do and every aspect of their life, it is an excellent guide for work and personal relationships. It will certainly help the reader to be the best they can be and be a charismatic and better person. A must read!"

Lee S.

“Traci made a world of difference. I feel  more in control of my life now!

Nichole P.

"Great read! Loved this book. What a motivation. Always lively and fun. Really kept my interest. Looking forward to future books from Traci and Dan!!!

Jeffrey D

“Traci is an awesome writer. Highly recommend!"

Tony H.

“Traci inspired me to become the best version of what I can be, in this one lifetime we have been gifted."

Caleb E.

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