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Traci has been a prolific ghostwriter for more than 25 years, but here are a few of her own favorites.

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The Power of Charisma

Most everyone has something they are passionate about. But without the ability to actually effect change, things just stay the same. To truly inspire change, we must be able to explain the problem, inspire people to join us, and create a vision for the new reality that motivates others to take the actions that lead to lasting transformation. Inspiring change requires charisma-the ability to communicate a clear, visionary, and inspirational message that captivates and motivates an audience. Charisma, a social skill, like listening, can be learned. Once learned, it becomes the difference between being heard or ignored. Whether you're the head of a company, a Girl Scout troop leader, or a freelance artist all alone in your studio, charisma can help you get what you want.

The Power of Positive Selling

Good sales relationships don’t just happen. They must be nurtured and developed. From ancient trade routes to modern Internet platforms sales is one of the world’s oldest professions.. Throughout the ages, there have been as many ways to sell as there are customers who want to buy. But whether you’re a novice or seasoned sales person, no matter what your product or service there is one truth that crosses all boundaries in selling. Selling depends on a relationship. That relationship might last only a few minutes, or extend through an entire lifetime, but in order to conduct a sales transaction, there must be a relationship. The Power of Charisma authors Dan Strutzel and Traci Shoblom will show you the way.

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Motherhood, Apple Pie, and Other Fattening Things

This is the one that started it all!  One reviewer wrote,
"If Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry had a child, Traci would be the product. Her hilarious look at modern family life will keep you laughing out loud. Traci paints such vivid images that you feel as if you are a member of her family. Get to know Traci, her husband and two kids in this collection of forty-five funny and touching stories. You'll relate to her struggles with motherhood, weight, marriage, and the challenge of juggling it all in today's modern world."

If I Die Before I Wake

If I Die Before I Wake is a journal filled with moving essays and quotations to inspire the reader to life with no regrets. As Personal Coaches, June Sharman and Traci  Shoblom (Vujicich) have found that too many people get to the end of their lives to find that they didn't do what they wanted to do. Rather, they spent their lives focused on the "shoulds" and the "can'ts". Your life doesn't need to be that way. If I Die Before I Wake is a journal filled with essays on specific topics that people often neglect. By reading them, and then writing down your ideas, plans, and goals, you can prevent yourself from saying "If only I had "Readers say:" a profoundly powerful book. It needed to be written, and it needs to be read by everyone. Often poignant, often hilarious, this thoughtful work is truly a 'must-read'."

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How Not To Wrote A Book

In this hilarious insider's look at the self-publishing industry, book reviewer Traci Shoblom shares the ten most common mistakes authors make. In How NOT to Write a Book, readers will learn the Do's and Don'ts of writing in every genre. Readers will discover the elements of a romance novel, whether anyone will read their memoir, how to distinguish between fantasy and science fiction, what spell check won't tell you, how a book reviewer sees their book, and more.

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